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Duo Security 2fa


Easily deploy Duo’s two-factor authentication solution to protect every user and get basic access controls, advanced administrative management, and user provisioning. Plus, you get an overview of your overall device security hygiene.

A Better Authentication Experience

Traditional two-factor solutions are unreliable and provide poor user experiences. They also often require professional deployment and ongoing management, which drive up the total cost of ownership.

A Modern Two-Factor Solution

Duo MFA makes two-factor authentication easy for both administrators and users. Duo provides an easy-to-use, secure mobile authentication app for quick, push notification-based approval to verify your user’s identity with smartphone, smartwatch and U2F token support. Or, choose from a variety of other supported authentication methods to fit every user’s needs.

Easy Deployment and Provisioning

As a secure, cloud-based solution, Duo MFA requires no on-premises hardware to be deployed. Our most popular authentication method, Duo Push, is sent via Duo Mobile, our smartphone application. This requires minimal administrative effort when enrolling new users.

Enterprise Protection for Thousands of Users

Protect every user quickly with Duo’s different user provisioning options - choose from Advanced Directory sync, bulk enrollment, user self-enrollment and more for accurate and frictionless user enrollment in Duo’s two-factor solution.

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