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Temporary Internet

Our support desk received a call from a client advising they had internet issues, our team started to investigate the intermittent issue. Part of our diagnostic we placed a call with the ISP holding the PSTN and Internet ………. To our amazement we were advised that a third party had ceased the line.

Within the hour we had a field service engineer on the road with one of our mobile 4g rig’s

Once on-site it was time to work getting this up on the roof, secured, cable run and connected. Cars, calls, workshop all backing up.

After final alignment testing the connectivity produced a solid 58Mbps download and 8.9Mbps upload, now time to reboot the devices and have the phone system redirected back.

For 4g and 5g internet short term or long term solutions, please contact our team via email or 01223 848 711 and someone will be able to discuss your requirements.

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